Saturday, August 16, 2008

Too Hysterical to not pass on...

The Onion, notorious online satirical "news source," has published an article that anyone who uses the Internet can relate to.

It is especially apropos in the wake of discussions of emotional bullies and people who spend so much (all?) of their time and energy in negativity because they have absolutely nothing positive to contribute! Like little kids who can't get any positive attention, they chose negative attention and throw temper tantrums!

It's a classic must read and so very timely. (Just replace the word "gays" with crack whores.) Enjoy:

Local Idiot To Post Comment On Internet

"We are blessed to be living in an age when we have a global communications network in which idiots, assholes, and total and complete wastes of fucking human life alike can come together to give instant feedback in an unfettered and unmonitored online environment," Mylenek said. "What better way to take advantage of this incredible technology than to log onto the Internet and insult a complete stranger?"

And the winner of this rhetorical question are those among us who have actually come up with an ironic way to top that: Insult those who share your very struggle!

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