Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Adoptive Monster of the Year: Judith Leekin, The Face of Evil

In this AP photo, Judith Leekin adorns a comb-over to cover her devil horns.

This one-woman "diabolical" axis of all that is evil wins the prize of
Adoptive Monster of the Year -
hands (or thumbs) down!

We can only hope that he is treated deservedly when she enter prison for ten years for a fraudulent scheme in which she adopted 11 disabled children under four aliases, while collecting $1.68 million meant for their care to support a lavish lifestyle.

Leekin separately faces 10 counts of aggravated child abuse and other charges in Florida, where prosecutors say she used physical violence against the children, restrained them with plastic ties and did not allow them to go to school.
The be-ach cried in court, saying she missed "her" kids. I wonder if she misses the severely handicapped boy who disappeared from her home in 2000 and has never been found!

BUT WAIT...THERE'S MORE!! New York City child welfare managers helped steal hundreds of thousands of dollars meant to help adopted children. Three workers -- the Supervisor of Adoptions for ACS, the deputy director of ACS's payment services department, and an outside contracting agency that works with ACS -- funneled hundreds of thousands of dollars out of ACS accounts to Stay Thompson who did not have any adopted children.

Some of the money was used by these greedy men to "adopt" cars like a BMW and a Range Rover.

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