Monday, June 11, 2007

A simple act of kindness...

A longtime reunited adoptee friend and Family Preservationist, Kathy, recently recalled a heart-warming recently story with a lesson in it for us all.

She heard that a local hospital in her area was not letting mothers see their babies if they had discussed the possibility of adoption with a local agency. The women were given cell phones and told to call the agency any time they needed to talk to someone.

Kathy went to the hospital to visit some of the women. She asked each the following question:

"Years from now, who do you think you might regret not having been asked to help you?"

"My father," one woman said, "would be really upset if he found out that I gave up his grandchild."

Kathy encouraged her to call him. She told her to say: "Daddy, please don't be angry. I'm in the hospital. I've had a baby and they won't let me see him and I need you."

Kathy received a call later from the young woman in tears. She told Kathy that her father was on his way to bring her and her baby home!

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