Monday, June 25, 2007

Boycott News Update

Joining the Boycott:

Adoption Advocates, Lynne Banks and Kelly Kiser-Mostrom, are survivors of adoption scams, and together have founded They update and maintain an ongoing adoption fraud and unethical practices database for future reference for prospective adoptive parents, expectant parents, birth mothers and adoption professionals in the adoption community. Both woman assist local and national law enforcement agencies and support victims of fraud across the United States.

Kelly Kiser-Mostrom is the author of The Cruelest Con. She is from the heartland of Nebraska and a mom through adoption of four children. In her pursuit of adoptions she has worked with agencies, facilitators, attorneys and the Department of Social Services. Adoption holds a special place in her heart as her husband and other family members are adoptees. Articles relating to The Cruelest Con have been reported nationally in Time Magazine, U.S. News and World Report, 48 Hours and Dateline. Kelly is a member of the American Adoption Congress and presents workshops nationwide.

Lynne Banks is a Board Member and the Midwest Regional Director for the American Adoption Congress. After becoming a mom, again, through open adoption she has spent the last 13 years receiving an education in adoption. She has been recognized nationally for her advocacy in adoption and as a promoter for Ethical Open Adoptions; she enjoys the challenges of being a Triad Search Angel, and was a 2006 Angel in Adoption Nominee.

I welcome Kelly and Lynne and all adoptive parents who know that unethical adoption practices and practitioners hurt all involved in adoption and are appalled and opposed to adoption coercion and epxloitation.

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