Sunday, May 20, 2007

Getting Out The Message

Videographer Wanted!

Ever wish we could afford a PSA telling young women the facts about the long-term effects of relinquishing on mother and child? Well, there is a very INEXPENSIVE way to reach and influence many young women: YouTube!

Imagine, if you will, a series of brief clips of women of all ages telling how adoption affected them in ways they had never imagined. Some women old enough to have lost their child and grandchildren; others very young women who entered into open adoptions only to find it all a lie...and some adoptees speaking of their pain sealed records has caused ...not knowing their identity and feeling of abandonment; maybe an older LDA...

I envision half a three or four short films – each having about four clips. Some might even include young mothers saying that raising kids is difficult but they’d never go back and NOT do it even if they may have waited a little longer to become mothers)....adoptees relating the struggles of searching...struggles of “not fitting in” with their adoptive families, despite them being good people who they love...

Woman after woman saying they wished they’d known how awful relinquishing was for them and their child....maybe an older woman saying she thought it was the best thing to advise her daughter to relinquish and how much she now regrets having not helped her daughter to raise her grandchild.

Maybe we could do some taping at the CUB retreat in October!

As a result of TV documentary on religion a YouTube blasphemy challenge was launched. As of today, it has received 1250 video responses/contributions, 26,545 comments – and has been viewed 416,066 times!!

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YouTube and others will lead to more "citizen journalists," increase the value placed on reliable sourcing and make it difficult for governments to control information. From Mercyhurst College.


FauxClaud said...

I have two ( well actually three) videos up on YouTube right now. My husband was constantly showing me dumb ones of people hitting brick walls and such and then one day he showed me some super "Give us a baby" ones and I went to work!

I used Windows Movie maker..its pretty easy since they are just still images arranged to music with words added in. But I do have a new camera just for such a purpose!

Mirah Riben said...

Very well done! Thank you for sharing!

HeatherUK said...

Fantastic idea. I love it.

Syracuse NY

Chris said...


I was speaking of this just a few weeks ago with another mom friend of mine. But rather than just moms telling their stories, I think short videos in the vein of the "Cold Case" venue or the adoption agency skit of SNL would be even better. Maybe a short video with an expectant mom visiting an adoption agency and how the agency worker 'speaks' to the expectant mom. Or a Blast from the Past, with agency worker having newly delivered mom lying in hospital bed having surrender docs shoved in her face to sign.. The Cold Case episode had a great review, it was accepted with great compassion and understanding from the stalwarts of this series, who follow all episodes and the characters within. Everyone loves a Movie.. we need some 'shorts'. JMO!

Mirah Riben said...


I envision more of PSA - Public Service Announcement. More like the guy with the trachea saying he wished he'd stopped smoking! In your face realism - no comedy.

"I wish I knew then what I knew no...I wish I knew that I'd never get over it, and it would effect all aspects of my life, my marriage and subsequent children. I wish I knew that adoptees feel rejected and abandoned. If I knew then what I know now, I would have fought far herder to keep my child!"

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