Saturday, May 12, 2007

Blessed Mothers' Day

Wishing a loved and loving Mothers' Day to all who are mothers and/or have a mother.

My thoughts and prayers as Mothers' Day approaches are for motherless children and childless mothers everywhere. To every mother who has a child who has gone from her sight: deceased or whereabouts unknown, my heart is with you on this day....and to those whose children do not speak to them or make contact.

Those of us connected by adoption who have lost a loved one twice might want to visit: The Adoption Kinship memorial Wall.

I would also like to ask those interested to commemorate this day by supporting The Kinship Caregiver Support Act (HR 2188) supported by the Child Welfare league of America to address:

  • 6 million children live with relatives—4.5 million of whom live with grandparents - most of these families are not a part of the formal child welfare system.

  • Almost 20% of grandparents responsible for their grandchildren live in poverty. Overall population statistics in 1997 indicated that 27% of children living in grandparent-maintained homes lived below the poverty level, compared with 19% in households maintained by parents.

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