Saturday, March 28, 2009


If anyone knows how to turn the comments back on please write to me at:

I had turned them off and now cannot get them back on again.


mystran said...

It kinda looks like they would be enabled currently, no? So I guess you solved it?

Anyway, AFAIK all the settings are in the same place: settings -> comments. In "post options" (when writing a new post or editing an old one) there's per-post option to disable comments, but that's only for the particular post then (and the default can be changed in settings -> comments).

It seems a few latest posts (not including this one) have comments disabled, but if you want to enable them for those posts, it should be enough to edit each post and click "post options" then enable the comments (set "allow"), and finally click publish to make the changes live.

AdoptAuthor said...

Thanks! What I had to do was re-publish the last post.

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