Sunday, March 15, 2009

Burn Out

A follow up to the previous post...

Sadly, the adoption reform and family preservation movements are the most back stabbing I have ever been involved in and I have done grassroots volunteerism all of my adult life. I was marginally involved in civil rights in the 50's and 60's, the anti-war movement...and remain a peace activist to this day.

It's night and day. Peace activists are the antithesis of the angry people in adoption who take their anger out on one another.

Last night I heard a very angry poet. His name is Remi Kanazi. He is a Palestinian American. If you read his poems you'll lack the full force of his anger! He is performance poet and he is powered by righteous indignation, especially since the recent Gaza bombings.

There were some in the church last night who did not fully agree with his message or the tone of his presentation. But even those people were all polite and he, respectful of them in turn.

No where else do I witness the vicious attacks against fellow workers that in the paid workplace would be considered creating a hostile work environment, and in any other part of a civilized society would be considered rude. Manners just disappear.

Yes, we've suffered losses that result in anger. But, my God, people have lost their entire families in war get along better than we do.

It wears one down, instead of feeling supported by "co-workers"..."sisters in solidarity" as we should be.

I have work to do. I seek to end unwarranted family separations, exploitation, corruption. I do everything I can and I do it fairly well. My books have been well received which pleases me because this is important work.

Because of the radical nature of my writing, I had expected (anticipated?) hostility from those who want adoption to continue for their profit. I never expected - nor did I ever experience subsequent to the publication of my first book - jalousies and contempt from those who seemingly share my point of view.

Am I saying I have never been critical? Far from it! When I disagree I share my opinions loud and clear and in a direct fashion - allowing for an open debate based on ISSUES - not personal attacks!

The Internet brings out the worst in everyone. It never ceases to amaze me comparing the adoption reform movement pre and post Internet how much more cohesive a NETWORK we were before being linked technologically.

My work is important and I have a goal that I cannot accomplish while being drained by in-fighting, nastiness, etc. I am felling on the verge of another long hiatus from it all...

It is this burn-out - along with the massive drop-out rate, and lack of finances - that causes our movement to stagnate and get nowhere, accomplish paltry few goals.

Sad. As I have also written the internet is a tool. It can be used for good or for evil. It seems to have allowed everyone their own platform and done more to divide than to help us conquer together.

As a final observation....those who commented on my last blog post trolled here on their own. I sent no announcement. I was then, and am now, merely "journalling" my own feelings. But the sharks came and attacked....those who have nothing constructive to do but bite the asses of those who are trying their best to work for mothers and families. Sad, sad, sad...


maryanne said...

Mirah, you have bitten enough asses in your day, mine included, and you have bitten it once too often.

Apologies are meaningless if you treat people the same way again and again. Hiding behind "triggers" (she said A, so I had to say B) is NOT taking responsibility for your own actions. It takes two to make or break any relationship.

AdoptAuthor said...

Thank you for your uninvited visit to prove my point.

maryanne said...

I did not realize this was a private, invitation only blog. I thought you wanted everyone to read what you write.

I don't see what point I proved.

Anonymous said...

well, we will just keep posting it in every public place you speak - Origins, Facebook and who knows where else??

wishing you the karma you deserve.

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