Thursday, October 16, 2008

Material Girl Divorce Confirmed

All the Guy Ritchie/ Madonna divorce rumors have been confirmed. It's official.

So...while in the process of trying to take yet another Malawian child from her family... sweet, pure Kabalah- following songstress who still struts half naked for crowd at 50...
has been committing adultery!

This was Guy Ritchie's first marriage, and it is alleged he requested no pre-nup. He's 40, but even that ten year edge couldn't help him keep up with her veracious appetite for men, things and kids! A-Rod is just 33 and far more athletic -- and darker skinned. Maybe he can keep her happy for a couple o' years.

Maybe... Madonna, but he's got a lot to be compared with. The Diva has been "romantically" linked with: John Kennedy Jr., Warren Beatty, Lenny Kravitz, Sandra Bernhard, Vanilla Ice, Dennis Rodman, and magician David Blaine. Not to mention Guy Ritchie and Sean Penn to whom Madonna - aka Louise Veronica Ciccone: August 16, 1958 in Bay City, Michigan - married in Malibu, California, on August 16, 1985 in a very public wedding. The marriage lasted four years and ended in divorce on September 14, 1989.

Well, this time she made it 8 years...officially...however, in 2005, Madonna revealed that she had thought about divorce, but instead the couple adopted David Banda, from Malawi.

Though the superstar couple's marriage looked finished in the summer when Madonna was spotted with New York Yankees baseball star Alex Rodriguez, Madonna, apparently had wanted to wait until the end of her latest world tour before announcing the split.

And judging from her body-builder looking muscles in photos of her latest tour, she and A-Rod may have been sharing more than bodily fluids - perhaps a steroid cocktail or two?

Though I feel sorry for her kids (for so many reasons), I for one have prayed for this announcement in the hopes it will put an end to her quest to take yet another child away from her family and add it to this circus. Can anyone translate adulterous slut into Malawian and get them the word? David Banda's father had said he beleived her to be a "good Christian" woman. Yeah right!


maybe said...

Check out this article on the divorce and baby David:

The comments are interesting, too.

maybe said...

Not a comment on Madonna, but I think this article is

Why are we allowing US born babies to be exported? Also, the age factor is interesting...a 57 year-old adopting an infant...???

AdoptAuthor said...

Thanks for ths article.

YES! Amazingly the US may be the only nation to both IMPORT and EXPORT children!!!

And the nerve of this woman - at any age - to complain about how long it takes to get one! She'd prefer they just be on the store shelf!

Anonymous said...

"PLEASE NOTE: This blog is a serious and positive, goal-oriented, brainstorming venue. The opinions of all committed to Family Preservation are valued.

Comments that are not consistent with that goal have no place here and will not be posted."

This are the words in your first post on this blog. Don't you think that this is rather hypocritical in light of the recent derogatory & disrespectful comment left on an pro-adoption blog? You write that comments that aren't supportive of your opinions will not be posted... yet you feel free to leave written missives on blogs of people you've never met about situations you know nothing about?

There are two (sometimes more than two) sides of every issue. Others are willing to consider and try to understand your viewpoint... the least you can do is extend the same courtesy.

AdoptAuthor said...


You are certainly free to dsgaree with any commnt I might make on YOUR or anyone else's blog...and you are free to post or not my comments on any blog that YOU own, just I am able to set th rules for same on this blog that I own...

However, having said that, I beg to differ that anything I posted on anyone's blog was "disrespectful" or "derogatory."

I am faced very day with reading blogs of adpoters that are hurtful and disrespectful of families of origins. IF what I wrote hurt your feelings, I apologize. Sometimes the truth bites.

We are here. We are vocal. Get used to it! I an others speak out for all mothers who have lost children to the multi-billion dollar adoption industry - man of whom have no voice.

Babies are born with hearts and SOULS, temperaments and emotions! Babies KNOW when they are separated from the vice they have heard in utero and that loss remains with them.

I don't need to know you or the details of your story to know those FACTS.

Anonymous said...

You're so angry and militant. Must be exhausting.

I'm not adopting. I'm not pregnant. I'm just someone who's trying to learn & grow from different perspectives & opinions. Yours included, although I'm finding it difficult to delve through the layers of anger & bitterness to see your point.

I can see that there's some truth to what you say. I just wish you were so belligerent while saying it. But whatever. To each their own.

AdoptAuthor said...


You are quite judgmental. I'm betting it doesn't sit right with you to hear that. I'm betting you want to defend yourself and say that I misjudge you...the shoe doesn't fit so well when it's on the other foot.

Sarah - you do not know me. You have not walked a mile in my shoes. You have not lived 41 years under a cloud of having lost your first child to adoption. You haven't held the hand of thousands of mothers in pain because of similar loss. You haven't wiped the tears of mothers who were lied to and deceived by baby brokers, or spoken to and read about adoptees' pain and anger; their feelings of being disconnected; their resentment at being made to feel "grateful." I have.

I am not bitter, Sarah. After 40+ years of researching adoption practices, I am filled with righteous indignation that our nation allows children to be bought and sold! If that does not make you angry - I don't know what to say! I am angry at a a nation as wealthy as ours (albeit in massive debt) that promotes and encourages family separation with tax dollars without spending one red cent to help families remain intact. That angers me and fuels my advocacy and I do not apologize!

We're here - we're vocal - get used to it! I say this again because for far too long our voices have been silenced by social mores, shame and guilt and the media simply ignoring us.

AdoptAuthor said...


Perhsps you'd like to share what blog comment upset you?

I'd also like to point out that MADD is an excellent name for an organization that was started by mothers who lost children and decided to change the laws so no others would suffer similar, unnecessary losses. Losing a child makes one very, very MAD! And that anger - that righteous indignation is very powerful! And thank Goodness for it!

Would you call THOSE mothers bitter or inappropriately angry?

maybe said...

Any mother who loses a child in an unnataural manner is certainly entitled to be angry. Adoption is an unnatural system created by mankind.

AdoptAuthor said...

Amen, "maybe"

It's "unnatural" to begin with ad has been corrupted from is original purpose of finding a home for chidlren who need them to finding babies to meer a demand!

The Improper Adoptee said...

I am SOOOO sick of anger being looked at like it is a mental problem. Anger IS normal. Normal, normal, normal, especially concerning injustices! Anger is also like pain in the body, a sign that something is wrong, and needs to be changed or fixed, along with being the motivation to stop people from hurting oneself or others. And boy am I angry at the IDIOTS who said anger is a bad emotion for their own sleezy agenda! This mindset HAS to go....

AdoptAuthor said...

True...but it's the difference between channeling it properly and misdirecting it at one another that s an issue.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Sara. You would most likely spread your message/cause to more acceptive people if you were more respectful in your interactions with them. The approach Ive witnessed has been hostile and disrespectful, which defeats the purpose of getting them to see your side and learn. I would love to hear more from you, but in a more respectful way

Anonymous said...

do you hate madonna because she adopted a child or because she, in your opinion, flaunts her body in a manner unbecoming a woman of 50? reading your post it is hard to separate the two.

AdoptAuthor said...

Anon - I don;t "hate" her cause I don't know her.

If she wants to dress like a whore in public that's her business. Does that or her marriage breaking up and very likely adultery qualify her for mother of the year or 'entitle' her to someone else's child(ren) ABSOLUTELY BOT!!

I feel very sorry for the ones she already has.

AdoptAuthor said...

BTW - her behavior would be enough to get a child taken by the state form a mother who was indigent and could not afford attorneys!

Just imagine a less famous, less rich mother who pole danced for a living...and was embroiled in a divorce accused of adultery. Not only would any such woman be laughed out of a reputable adoption agency - but she would be at risk for losing the kids she already had.

Mothers have lost kids for a lot LESS!

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