Friday, January 4, 2008

Adoption and Politics

“Adoption only exists on the backs of resourceless women.” Ricki Solinger, Beggars and Choosers

Adoption reformists and activists know well that we have no strong footing among right or left, liberal or conservative. There are pro-adoptionist, anti-family and moneyed interests in all walks of life and all political camps here in the US. The most progressive bleeding hearts justify taking babies from their families as noble rescues.

In many ways, America is still in the Victorian era with nonmarital sex punishable by loss of the bastard child that cold a hearted society sees fit to buy, sell, and take private ownership of...but is firmly against supporting the bastard and his sinful mother "on the doll". Sin and poverty are as intertwined now as ever they have been historically. Being poor is considered a result of one's laziness. After all, we all know "anyone can be president" and Horatio Alger was real! All one needs is to "pull oneself up by the bootstraps."

These fairy tales are put forth by the selfish affluent who maintain all the control and we thus wind up with a nation that has the worst family services of any industrialized country - the most glaring being lack of adequate affordable day care which results in many mothers loosing their children: a win-win for the infertile affluent who devoted their lives to making more money instead of making babies.

Because we are fighting an uphill battle, it is all the more important we keep a sharp eye on politics and the upcoming national election. There is a lot at stake. The top running Republicans are a Mormon and a conservative Baptist minister Huckabee - who at the moment is the top runner. Huckabee was reported to have been favored over Romney because the later only took an anti-abortion position issue far more important to many Americans than the lives being lost in Iraq's civil war. (Again, the lives of the poor are expendable when it means profit for the wealthy). "I didn't become pro-life because I'm political," Huckabee has boasted. "I became political because I'm pro-life."

As I said, we have no sure-fire support on either side. many who are pro-choice still have not made the connection that parenting is a CHOICE too...and a viable a choice that needs support and is not getting the support it needs. Likewise, not all who are pro-life are anti-family and pro-adoption, but many are and many more do not see that their sincere concerns for life are being use to harm families.

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