Monday, November 11, 2013

The Truth About Veronica Brown Capobianco and her Daddy Dusten Brown

As if they have not caused enough harm, Matt and Melanie Capobianco have named 4-year-old Veronica - the child they took from her loving father - as defendant in their million-dollar lawsuit.

They - incredibly - seek repayment of legal service that were reportedly performed pro-bono, and child care costs for the period of time Veronica was in her father's custody!

I am told that Veronica is named tin order for the Capobiancos to get a judgment against her estate
to control any money due her in the future as a movie about the case is likely.

I encourage all bloggers to share this link and expose this injustice to show these people for what they are and to leave a trial of their unending vengeance for Veronica to find.... these people who sat on Dr. Phil saying that they were all getting along and having visitation now that it was all over.

UPDATE: Ya' gotta be kidding! Reportedly the Capos are trying to get all social media to remove all photos of Dusten and Ronnie. What a joke. The photos are in the media which covered this story. And,    they are on Google Images!!!  Good luck with all those lawsuits to have them taken down.


And Dusten's website, Keep Veronica Home has ALL their photos
and I hope it's never taken down! 

This blog post will FOREVER be here for Veronica to find. 
I used her adoptive name to help her find this page.

Other resources with details of the case:

Share the link to this page and feel free to REBLOG!!! PLEASE!


Robin said...

Have you seen this? The Crapobiancos are also trying to have all the positive images of Veronica with her REAL family removed from the internet. Those people are nucking futs if they think they can hide what they did to her and her family. I truly fear for Ronnie being in their care.

Mirah Riben said...

Tee hee. Well, thatg will keep them busy! Guess we all need to watch out cause I guess law suits will follow!

But I got a heads up for them: The news media posted the vast majority, if not all of these, photos FIRST and will NOT remove them!! They are now HISTORY. These events happened. The four-year court battle was a media event from start to finish. It cannot be redacted like adoption records!

Sounds like they're not so proud of what they did, eh???

I vow to do everything in my power to keep Reronica's TRUTH alive for her to find! Sue me.

Mirah Riben said...

I vow to do everything in my power to keep Veronica's TRUTH alive for her to find! Sue me.

And then sue me for your legal fees to sue me!!

Robin said...

I'm doing everything in my power to keep Veronica's TRUE story alive, too.

Robin said...

Thank you so much for posting all of these beautiful, wonderful pictures. I hope you get a ton of traffic on your blog to look at them :)

And may many other family preservation bloggers post them as well.

Meredith L. said...

Thank you Mirah.

And now for another story from Jessica Munday at Trio Solutions. Apparently Jessica Munday was not happy with someone questioning the Capobianco lawsuit so she posted this response:

"Veronica is doing wonderfully and the attorneys have every right to sue the Cherokee Nation. Come on ... You know that Brown isn't going to have to pay a dime. She is home where she should be and her teen years will be far from hell. The fact of the matter is that Veronica's birth father should have never taken her in the first place. The US Supreme Court confirmed our belief that this was wrong. More than 30 attorneys DONATED their time for nearly two years (think about that and let is sink in for a moment). This was and always has been about a birth mother that was abandoned, chose life for her child and gave her a better life than she could provide and a set of parents that did what any parents would do to reunite with their daughter. [Any mother and woman] should be appalled. A state court erroneously allowed her birth father to rip her from her family and keep her isolated from them and her birth mother for more than 20 months. This adoption occurred solely because he unequivocally rejected his parental rights. Perhaps you are unaware that he testified that he was more than happy to relinquish his parental rights so long as Veronica?s birth mother assumed full responsibility for Veronica. In other words, he made it clear that Veronica was not his problem, at least when it came to parental responsibilities. The blatant lawlessness by the birth father and his Tribe created an enormously dangerous situation for an innocent child whom the birth father and Tribe sequestered on tribal lands away from her only parents. Thankfully, with support from many incredible people, intelligent and dedicated people, we were able to bring Veronica back home where she belongs."

Anonymous said...

First and foremost, these pictures of this man and his daughter make me want to cry. So absolutely heartbreaking. Secondly, the thought of what these sick nut cases are doing to him and HIS daughter makes my blood boil. I wish someone would smack the s*** of them publicly, so we could have that image all over the internet for all of eternity as well...

Mirah Riben said...

Thank you Jessica for re-attesting to the fact that attorney hours were DONATED in caps! We get it. We get that the Capobiancos are fraudulently suing for attorney fees!

You have your twisted interpretation of the facts. We have ours.

Let Veronica decide for herself when she is old enough. Pictures speak a thousand words and Dusten's love shines through in all of these and that is why the C's want to hide them and hide the TRUTH of what they've done.

What will Veronica's adoption story be? We "saved" you from....uh, from what? Not from poverty. Not from a life as an orphan in an orphanage. Not from drugs and abuse...

Not. We "saved" you from a good, devoted, decent,capable, loving, caring daddy who was serving hid country and who fought tooth and nail for you? We "rescued' from...from what? From extended family and you cultural heritage!

Christy Maldonado, mother of two children (other than Veronica) who do NOT live with her, was the one who broke her engagement to Dusten. So, yes, he released his rights so as not to be in a custody battle with a woman didn't want him in her life. Well, what I should say is he THOUGHT that was what he was doing. But sneaky, back-stabbing Christy hid her true goal; to let their child be raised by strangers, states away, in exchange for goodness knows how much they paid her in "expenses."

The minute he heard that his daughter was to be adopted he fought for her and he never wavered.

What kind of human beings fight a loving parent who is perfectly CAPABLE, willing, able and loving to care for his own child? hey knew he wanted his daughter before the adoption was ever finalized, and they knew he was native American and what that meant. But they had their greedy entitled claws on an adorable child and refused to let go! They paid for her and were determined to keep her.

What the courts did in this case is legalized kidnapping. No parent is safe if courts uphold adoptions of their children against their wishes when they are perfectly capable of caring safely for their own child!

And let me remind you that NONE OF THE COURTS that heard and made decisions in this case ever took Veronica's best interest into consideration. It was all based on state law. It was the C's who fought a best interest hearing! What does THAT tell you?!?

Let Veronica decide when she is old enough. We will NEVER take these pictures down or her story.

Her adoption story: We loved you so much that we fought and fought YOUR FATHER who wanted you too! very touching! Very loving, caring and humane! Very COMPASSIONATE and CHARITABLE! Just what Jesus would do! Take children form loving, caring parents. As if that's what adoption is supposed to be - fighting parents for their children.

WHY? The 130,00 or so children in US foster care who have no family able to care for them aren't enough for them???

Shame shame, shame on the Capobiancos and pity on the child who has to live with such SELFISH liars! Liars who told Dr Phil everything was honky dory as they knew this law suit was in the works!! Greedy, sick, selfish liars who HEVEWR put veronica's best interests first.

Anonymous said...

You really should learn to use spell check before you post you blog because it is full of misspellings

Anonymous said...

Just to clarify the legal expenses the Adoptive Couple Capobianco are seeking to recover through their $1.029M lawsuit filed last week against Veronica, Dusten Brown, and the Cherokee Nation. The legal expenses are broken down into lawyer hourly billings and costs advanced by the lawyer's law firm over the time frame the lawsuit covers. In the case of the $1.029 Adoptive Couple Capobianco, that time frame is 7/31/2103 to the day in early October when Mr. Brown and the Cherokee Nation ended all litigation then still unresolved in the matter of custody of Veronica. Over $800k of the $1.029M was racked up by Latham&Watkins SCOTUS case lawyer for birth mother C. Maldonado, Lori Alvino McGill, and Arnold&Platt SCOTUS case lawyer for the Adoptive Couple Capobianco, Lisa Blatt. Think about that for a moment: those two lawyers, intent upon smashing, squashing, and squishing a fit, safe, and loving natural biological father's ancient common law right to raise his own child, billed themselves out at an hourly rate of about $500 over a short two month period and now they want him to pay for the final battle in their War against Fathers? I read somewhere on the Internet that both Lisa and Lori have children -- Lisa two pre-teens and Lori,a pre-schooler. Can you imagine those three children's chagrin and embarrassment when, in their university years likely moving away from their parent's dogma, they discover the full extent of their mother's role in the 250 year long slog to destroy Native Americans, to say nothing of their success in the outlawing fathers. I can hear it now in the late night dorm session gigs: "Say isn't your mom's name next after General George Custer's on the Viscious Hater of Natives Hall of Shame" or "Hear your mom hates mfathers, wasn't it difficult growing up in the middle of such a war, or was OK because she worked 24/7 thereby giving your father a break from her hateful cause?" A KARMA prediction courtesy of BCMorgan

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