Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Mother I Wish I Had

About a year and a half ago I moved to a "retirement" over 55 community. One of the treasures I met here is MY 95-YEAR-OLD FRIEND, Betty.

She told me today that she had a bad day the other day: Hard time thinking, which is very odd for this very sharp and active woman. She said she thought if this is the end, not so bad. She got ready for bed and put on her flannel nighty. Then on second thought, she took it off and put on her finest lingerie!

She said if they found her in bed in the morning, she wanted to look good! 

Ya' gotta love this woman!! I am so glad I have made her acquaintance. She is a font of marvelous stories and has a great spirit. A former school teacher and long time political activist, she collects clothing for the needy and went with me to a state assembly vote on gun control! 

My very own personal Betty White!

She is priceless! She stands 4' something, exercises 5 times a week and moves better than women young enough to be her daughters. I wish you could all see the sparkle in her eyes!  Her vision is her only problem and she doesn't let it slow her down. I am glad to drive her anywhere she needs to go, she is such a delight to be with!

She's the mother I wish I had and didn't!


Anonymous said...

She sounded great except for supporting gun control crap

Mirah Riben said...

Oh, that just makes her all the more loveable to me!!!

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