Monday, December 3, 2012

Give the Gift of Love: YOUR BABY!


Your baby could be the ultimate gift for a desperate couple,

single mom, or same-sex couple!

Don't be SELFISH! 

If you REALLY love your baby you'll give him or her to someone with more ot OFFER...

Can you afford to pay for dance or music lessons? College??

Think of all the people who woulkd LOVE to have the baby you're carrying.
Think what a great holiday GIFT you could give them! 


Stephanie said...

This is so sickening and disgusting. My son's adopters speak this drivel; about how much more they bought him, could buy him and what they bought him.

Funny, the son I had after him wants for NOTHING and never will. This is crap. Utter and unabashed crap. Our children are not "gifts" for the infertile and infertiles can't buy the love, affection and loyalty they so desperately desire from someone else's child. It is a control mechanism, as far as I am concerned.

My own son believes all the 'stuff' they provided him and still do is more important than being in the lives of myself or his brother. He will wake up from the reality of this fallacy one day, just as I did. What a sad day for him that will be...

Mirah Riben said...

Like most mothers who ,lose children to adoption, I was pressured to do what was best for my child. It was NEVER t5o give anyone a gift!

Last week someone told me of meeting someone who was very materialistic and ,loved showing off his expensive cars etc. And then he said, "This is my adopted son. (Or, this is my son who was adopted from ---). He cost $50,000!"

Anonymous said...

Well Stephanie you should not have CONSENTED to an adoption in the first place. Your child was not taken at gunpoint.

Mirah Riben said...


Your commeny is ignorant and cruel vuctim blaming. Unless you have walked in the shoes of a mother PRESSURED, lied to, coerced to consent, you have no idea what that is like.

kitta said...

anonymous gunowner:
perhaps you use guns to make your point, but in daily life in the USA guns are not normally used to enforce social policy.There are other ways to force people to give up what is theirs.

In fact, guns are not even used in most kidnappings. Children are regularly taken off the street, and even from their own parents without the use of guns.

Maybe you didn't know that.

Even in the enforcement of laws, most of us do not have to have guns pointed at us all of the time.

We pay our income taxes regularly, we sign those papers without guns pointed at us. Yes, it is a struggle..but we do it without guns.

Mirah Riben said...

"Ya' didn't have a gun to your head"

Wonder if ya' say that to rape victims, too? or do you simply belive all who claim they were reaped where a weapon was not involved are just liars?

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