Friday, August 10, 2012

Creating Life, Anonymously

Today there are many choices available to people - a plethora of ways create life outside the traditional  man/woman procreation. Many involve anonymous so-called "donations"... the buying of egg, sperm or the renting of a womb. And many create children who grow into adults with anonymous DNA and missing medical history.

A mega-billion dollar industry serves the every desire of those who can pay the price tag. It allows for
total and complete selfishness and complete lacking of foresight for the well-being of a wanted and planned child as he or she grows and needs VITAL information.

The infertility industry - which also serves same sex couples - encourages only the consideration of the paying customer in the here and now. It feeds on those who want what they want, and feel entitled to it, as long as they can afford it, even when that "it" is a human life.  It is an industry that carters to the creation of human life, without any thought or care of that child growing into an adult human being with rights, wants and NEEDS of its own, separate from their parents need to be a parent.

It puts such anonymously created persons in danger of unknowingly committing incest, as in some cases men have made upwards of hundreds of sperm sales, all in one geographic area.

Donor Inseminated offspring are desperately searching for their siblings and fathers. many are being helped and supported by parents who now regret having made the choices they did.

When will we ever learn?  

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