Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Protecting Children in Colorado: Exciting News


Hello friends and fellow activists!!
    I have some information to share with you about our website,, and petition below as well as our other efforts here in Colorado to protect our children from CPS wrongdoing. I also would like to ask you to share this with your contact list so we can raise awareness and gain support for the activities below. No monetary support is required for any of these activities.
    We've launched a petition to reform the Adoption and Safe Families Act of 1997 located The target goal of the petition is to eliminate the Federal monetary incentives paid to State and local Government for children placed in, and adopted from, foster care. We are also respectfully demanding that when children are removed and parental rights are terminated, that criminal charges are filed, and the case is investigated by the local police, NOT Child Protective Service Agency workers. We have also demanded upon hire and periodic mental health evaluations, drug screens and polygraph examinations (lie detector tests) administered to social workers and other professionals who are key in the removal of children from their biological, falsely accused families.
My husband is engaged in a campaign to run for Congress in a combined effort to affect the change in the ASFA legislation as well as reform the "No Child Left Behind" legislation. You can learn more here:
    We are participating in the filming of LAWLESS AMERICA in September, uniting our efforts with a candidate for the U.S. Presidency, Ms. Samm Tittle, who has signed the petition and supports the reform of ASFA.
    One of the many, most exciting, and promising, allies we've made is an attorney with the National Center for Youth Law who I am collecting information for from parents who are interested in a class action lawsuit against CPS. We are currently accepting information from parents within all of the U.S. states to be considered for eligibility. If you are interested, please email your contact information to
    We've also created an official Facebook page for Citizens in support of ASFA Reform here: and you can now follow us on Twitter @Justice4Lunnars. We haven't had the opportunity just yet to create a Reform ASFA account but we are working on it as well as creating a logo. If you are interested in helping with any of these activities, please email us at the address above.
    In our combined efforts, we are sure to achieve the change parents and children so desperately need to protect their rights to remain a family, undamaged and unbroken by false allegations.
    We thank you all for your continued efforts and support in the Parental Rights movements and activism! We look forward to continued work with each of you!
Khrysti Martarello-Lunnar

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