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The Tragic Life of Gabriel Hall

Eighteen year old Gabriel Hall admitted choosing a couple for the convenience of being able to watch their home. When he decided the time was right, he broke in an killed Edwin Shaar, 68, who used walker by stabbing and then shooting him.  He slit the throat of Shaar's wheelchair bound wife, Linda, 69. She survived the vicious attack. Gabriel went home and changed his clothes and went to school the following day.

He said he wants to know why he did it, but believes he simply had "killer instinct."

Gabriel's life began in the Philippines. At 11 years of age he was adopted along with at least three blood-related siblings by attorney and justice of the peace, Wes Hall and Karen Kruse Hall, president of Central Texas Orphan Mission, an organization that "supports orphans across the globe" -- joining their brood of 12 adopted children, and seven biological or stepchildren. 
Karen Hall was working setting up orphanages in El Salvador and working to provide medical care for needy orphans throughout the world.  Dr. Joe Kraft and his family were involved with Haiti orphan ministry and adoption.  CTOMA [Central Texas Orphan Mission Alliance] was formed to provide a non-profit entity to allow others to make tax deductible donations to these ministries and also to provide strict accountability of funding and spending.  There are no paid employees and therefore all donations go directly to orphan ministries.

"We are making an appeal for your financial support for these precious children who would not receive help if not for your generosity. Our traveling doctors and nurses go to remote locations, donate their time and services, and pay their own travel expenses. The mission cannot be accomplished without our host families and volunteers. We express our heartfelt gratitude to all who participate. Thank you."-- Karen Kruse Hall, President
The Halls were not present at his sentencing and have refused to pay for an attorney.  But that is not all too surprising when you learn - as I have through a confidential and reliable source - they have "kicked out" at least three of the children they adopted, aside from Gabriel, including his biological siblings who they adopted.  Talk about living in fear of total rejection and abandonment!  These people are evil; the children they have tossed aside live in fear of them and their retribution if they speak out.

Gabriel is likely suffering a classic case of Adopted Child Syndrome:

David Kirschner, Adoption Forensics: The Connection Between Adoption and Murder | Crime Magazine, who coined the term, says that most adoptees are not disturbed and that the syndrome only applies to "a small clinical subgroup". It is described in Directions in Child and Adolescent Therapy 2, no. 6 (1995) and in Dr. Kirschner's book, Adoption: Uncharted Waters.

Researchers Brodizinsky, Schechter, and Henig find that in a review of the literature, generally children adopted before the age of six-months fare no differently than children raised with their biological parents. Later problems that develop among children adopted from the child welfare system at an older age are usually associated with the effects of chronic early maltreatment in the caregiving relationship; abuse and neglect.

Psychologist Betty Jean Lifton, herself an adopted person, has written extensively on psychopathology in adopted people, primarily in Lost and Found: The Adoption Experience, and Journey of the Adopted Self: A Quest for Wholeness and briefly discusses Adopted child syndrome.

Judith and Martin Land, Adoption Detective: Memoir of an Adopted Child, (2011), identify genealogical bewilderment, oppositional defiant disorder, selective mutism, anti-social behavior, The Primal Wound, and other related terms to describe potential effects of adoption on children who are orphaned, fostered, or adopted.

The term is argued by the adoption industry - those whose livelihoods depend on adoption proliferating and fear facts about adoptee rage, such as the disproportionate number of serial killers who are adopted, might scare off prospective adopters.

NOTE: A recent study finds "that the early stress of separation from a biological parent impacts long-term programming of genome function; this might explain why adopted children may be particularly vulnerable to harsh parenting in terms of their physical and mental health," said Grigorenko. "Parenting adopted children might require much more nurturing care to reverse these changes in genome regulation."

This is very applicable in Gabriel's case!

Now, let us shift the focus back to the Gabriel's adoptive mother.

Karen Kruse Hall ...
from her  profile for a benefit to raise money for Coalition for Life::

Current Occupation:  President, Central Texas Orphan Mission Alliance, CTOMA

Church:  Central Baptist

Education:  BS, Texas A&M University, 1973, Baylor School of Medical Technology, 1973, Real Estate Brokerage 1982, and graduate studies at University of Texas, Dallas 1976.

Focus:  International and local missions for children, including medical, humanitarian, disaster assistance, and community service in the Brazos Valley.

How did you become a volunteer/why are you involved?  I am involved because of my faith in Jesus Christ.  I responded to the call for sidewalk counselors after seeing the huge need while I participated in Stand and Pray in front of the abortion clinic.   I volunteered to counsel and spent 15 hours a week for two years during 2002 to 2004.  At that time I prayed that if God ever asked me to help in any other way, all He had to do was show me.  He did exactly that.  [But, apparently God has not sought fit to seek her help now for Gabriel.] I purchased the property next door to the abortion facility last year, and decided to use it entirely for charity work.  We are currently in construction but will be finishing soon!  I have been involved in adoption and charity for children for 16 years, and my husband, Wes, and I have parented 20 children in our home.  We have 12 adopted children, one in the adoption process and 7 birth/step children.  We have had more than 15 international students and medical mission children that we have cared for.  I believe that all children should be loved [until they get in trouble?], and that all children in the womb are to be protected [not necessarily those in jail, however]CTOMA charity where we can show our love for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and our fellow man.

Why you are pro life (is there a story here?):  I am prolife because I feel that we should speak out for the helpless [!].  The most helpless are the babies who are orphaned in that their mothers do not want them [not those whose mothers are UNABLE to care for them, many simply because of poverty, age or marital status. Pretty judgmental, aren't we, or is that just to make yourself feel better?]   I have always been pro life, but I was not always outspoken on the issue.  I now believe that we must speak up for the helpless, and that we must come to their aid.

What a saint! 

UPDATES: Missing from Karen's glowing professional autobiography is that she is on her third marriage and has disowned SIX children she adopted!

Gabriel's life has been filled with tragedies. He is now on trial for his LIFE in Texas - a state known for its executions!  He needs our support. I will be following his trial and hope that the adoption community will come to his support as his adopted  home state and town of College Park are already gettin' ready for a hangin'!!

UPDATE 9/24/15: Gabriel's trial is in the punishment phase and focuses on his upbrining


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Anonymous said...

Sounds like those adopters who are reluctant to adopt from the foster care system may have good reason. At least according to Brodizinsky, Schechter, and Henig.

Mirah Riben said...


Any such fears are based on totally false misconception that are proliferted by the adoption industry.

Dr. Kirschner says of adoptees who have committed murder:

"I'd estimate 80% (or more) were adopted near birth, as infants. To name a few, David Berkowitz (Son of Sam), Joel Rifkin (L.I. Serial killer), Jeremy Strohmeyer (Vegas), Steve Catlin (Bakersfield, CA, serial wife & mother poisoner), Matthew Heikilla (Jersey), Patrick Niiranen (Oregon), Brandon Menard (recent case, L.A.), Steven See (Houston, TX), were all adopted at or near birth.

"I've seen them all, except for Berkowitz, but his history is well documented, in Dr. Abrahmson's book, citing adoption issues, as key).

"Perhaps 20% were later age adoptions - but adoption pathology still explained their behavior. Adoption Industry spokespersons, of course, often dismiss this (epidemic), with blanket generalizations, that they were ALL adopted years after birth, and/or that pre-adoption "abuse" or "trauma", NOT adoption issues, were the cause."

Ryan Miller said...

Well, i was in jail with Gabriel Hall for 43 days and ive heard everything he's had to say about it face to face and i honestly believe his "adopted mother" drove him to do it, he talks about abuse and alot of verbal abuse and much more.

Ryan Miller said...

Well, i was in Brazos County Jail with Gabriel Hall for 43 days and we did talk alot about what he did. he talked about abuse from his adopted mom and alot of verbal abuse like "you wont ever be nothing in life" and plenty more i cant go in to details but i 100% believe that his short life here in America wasnt good obviously.

Anonymous said...

I knew Gabe in highschool and spent 3 or so months living with him in county jail as well. He is a very smart kid with a great sense of humor. He likes to tell jokes and spends much time laughing and enjoying himself. We spent a lot of time playing card, drinking coffee, and contemplating life love and the rest. I like to think of him as a very nice guy, and as crazy as it might seem, quite harmless.. Good luck to you old friend..

Anonymous said...

I understand especially in our society today, how tragic it is for this poor misunderstood adopted son. However what about the Shaar family? Please don't forget their side of this story, that after 4 agonizing years of waiting for justice that they still don't have it. Gabriel wakes up every morning quite possibly regretting what he did, maybe not. Mr. Shaar will never wake up again, his family will never feel the warmth of his hug, will never hear his voice again, will never again get to tell him they love him. No matter who Gabriel Hall is, or was, it will never bring Mr. Shaar back and now Gabriel must pay for his crime.

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