Saturday, August 13, 2011

Update on Aleyni: Kidnapped and Adopted

The Monahans of Missouri who maintain custody of Aleyni who was kidnapped from her Guatemalan mother, have hired a slick, high profile Public Relations firm, Peter Mirijanian Public Affairs, in addition to their attorney.

Their PR spokesperson issued this very polished statement saying the Monahans "will continue to advocate for the safety and best interests of their legally adopted child. They remain committed to protecting their daughter from additional trauma as they pursue the truth of her past through appropriate legal channels."

Another family who adopted from Guatemala around the same time and knows the Monhans said that he child's birth mother are in a "devastating" situation.

"On the one hand you feel for the mother in Guatemala. She should have her child. And on the other hand, I can't imagine if I were in that situation. It would be like a death," Harmoning said. "I would pay my life away to move the birth mother up here before I would let my child go. She's my baby."

That sounds so sweet until you realize that the mother of this child has other children. Do you bring them all here?  Why not go there?

And note how she frame her argument by denigrating Aneyli's mother to "birth mother." No one would ever dream of calling Jaycee Duggard's mother her birth mother!   Manipulative language that shows her underlying distaste and feeling of superiority over the poor REAL, natural mother.


Interpol said in an email this week it could not comment on whether the agency had been contacted about the case.

The U.S. State Department referred questions about the court ruling and its repercussions to the Justice Department, which also declined comment.

Boo Hiss.


Guatemala police briefly detained a judge on charges he fraudulently assisted the adoption of another girl. But he was released for lack of evidence.

Human rights activist Norma Cruz and a U.N.-created agency that investigates adoptions both said the judge, Mario Peralta Castaneda, helped process the Monahan adoption, among others.

We can hope:

Heidi Cox, a lawyer in Fort Worth, Texas, who handles international adoptions, said there may be little the Monahans can do.

All other kidnapped children are returned. Such as the case of CARLINA WHITE snatched from a hospital at 9 days old in 1987. She was abducted by a nurse who raised her as her child.

This is the longest stranger abduction reunion case. Read it here.

Children adopted by a non-custodial parent are also always ordered returned!  The only difference in this case is that there was an allegedly legal adoption subsequent to the kidnapping. The crime was laundered through an adoption agency and the end custodians were unaware initially. SO WHAT??

If you buy a stolen car and don't know its stolen you don't get to keep it! This is a human being. She is someone else's child!! She has a family who loves her!

The behavior of the Monhans to have ignored this as long as the could and now lawyer up and hire a PR firm is classic behavior as descried in this article. They will do absolutely nothing but hide unless forced to. As long as Interpol and the State Dept do nothing, they are safe!

The only fly in the ointment is the press that the case has already engendered. "Karen Abagail" as they call Aneyli, will KNOW the truth!  She likely will have some mixed emotions, to say the least, about their role in keeping her from a family who wanted her. But I guess they're counting on BUYING her affection and loyalty....and, sadly, it just might work!

The stolen children the Smolins adopted from India allegedly "chose" to stay in the US and reap the rewards of the "better life" after to their credit, the Smolins pursued a search for the truth under the blanket of cover-ups and lies offered them by their "reputable" - and unidentified -  adoption agency.  Their mother is reportedly "allowed" to visit them here. What has not been reported is who pays for those visits.


Anonymous said...

Ugh, I've already heard people bashing the little girls biological family saying they were only going to be returning her to crap. I keep thinking that this child deserves to go back to the people who love her, and the culture and heritage she belongs to. I wish people would stop measuring things by american standards and actually look at the culture at hand.It may not be worth nothing at all in the end but I pray this little girl is returned to the mother who she was stolen from and reunited with the family that loves her.

Mirah Riben said...

Anyeli's mother is Guatemalan MIDDLE CLASS, not that it matters as you said.

Would you rather live with your family or with someone who can buy you a bigger TV?

Guatemala news is reporting she will be returned in 2 months. Follow this blog for updates.

Anonymous said...

Didn't know the family was middle class, thanks for the info. I had been searching for info about this case online and I had stumbled on to a forum where people were talking about it and one of the peole writes something along the lines of (I don't remember the exact words) " Oh great now she gets to be live in poop and scalor." But I guess by looking at the info you gave and the person in the forum this whole thing is going to be surrounded by ignorant people who share the same old adoptive parents good, biological family bad sentiment.

Mirah Riben said...

Comments like the one you read are biased and based stickily on generalizations and assumptions about Guatemala. I have it from someone who KNOWS Aneyli's mother.

If having more "stuff" makes kidnapping OK, what a world this would be!

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