Friday, January 2, 2009

SilverDove: Work In Progress

Before I wrote Stork Market and got involved with Origins-USA board of directors....I was a peace freak; old hippie...with a funky ole website:

It was taken down while I concentrated on my publishing site. It’s been a real joy reviving it!

I hope you get half as much from reading the quotes as I have! It really centered me and brought me back to my spirituality and oneness...Gave me a great deal of pace and comfort...nice way to start the new year...

As the subject says: it’s a work in progress. I hope you’ll come back again when I upload the videos.

Without further ado, the site is:

1 comment:

Third Mom said...

Happy New Year! You should post this website on Facebook - great marketing tool. If it's there already, let us know!

Hope to see you this year, too!

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