Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Classic Adoption Book - Out of print


Advocate Publications announces that “shedding light on...The Dark Side of Adoption” by M. Riben (1988) is no longer available for sale commercially on Amazon or any other outlets. It is officially out-of-print. The few remaining copies will be available for researchers and the like, on loan with a refundable deposit, or you can look for used copies online. Contact for loan details.

Riben, who more recently authored The Stork Market: America's Multi-Billion Dollar Unregulated Adoption Industry (2007) was recipient of “Outstanding Achievement Award to an Author” 1989 from People Searching News for "Dark Side", her first groundbreaking expose earned. It was excerpted in Utne Reader, Social Issues Review Series, and Macrocosm USA and hailed by all the experts in the field and.

"Riben's presentation of the facts of the experience of parents by birth of children given to adoption is important reading. For such a book to be written requires first obtaining the confidence of such parents, and then to present their experience in valid form. This Riben has been able to accomplish. It is an impressive achievement. Though painful to some to read, it is truth, rather than the pretense we are accustomed to relative to this complex subject."
Jean Paton, Founder and Coordinator, Orphan Voyage, and author of Orphan Voyage and Breaking Silence

"...a must read."
The American Adoption Congress

"A rare book that combines an authentic voice with a synthesis of facts and attitudes to further illuminate the complex world of adoption. Riben is sensitive, mature, realistic -- and a good writer."
Annette Baron, MSW, LCSW, co-author, The Adoption Triangle

"...challenges the commonly held idea that adoption is a winning solution for everyone...this book is to be recommended as one of the few available which balances the more usual happy-ending adoption stories with a birthparent's is recommended for those who prefer the truth, even if unpleasant, to unquestioned adoption mythology."
RESOLVE Newsletter

"A terrific is dynamic! I will be asking my members to...purchase your book...I am constantly rereading sections."
Parent Finders, Ontario

"Although not an easy book for an adoptive parent to read, this is certainly an important book for anyone striving to understand all sides of the adoption triangle. The good news (for adoptive parents) is that Riben is not slamming adoptive parents...her really big guns are leveled at The System. I recommend that adoptive parents read this book."
Gigi Wirtz, Families Adopting Children Everywhere (FACE)

"Very thoughtful because of deep commitment to preventing future agony...a powerful argument against sealed records."
Penny Partridge, Adoption Forum

"...painful, uncomfortable reading: The price we must pay to redeem all these little Lisas [Steinberg] out there."
Father Daniel Egan, author, The Junkie Priest

"Required reading for anyone who is serious about understanding all aspects of adoption and how we...can work together to effect positive change."
May Boyden, Adoption Resource Center of Children's Home Society of Washington

"Now at last, a book devoted to exploding the glowing NewSpeak myths in adoption and exposing its dark side to public view. Movement activists will undoubtedly find the book to be a useful resource..."
Carol Anderson, Concerned United Birthparents

"Without a doubt (shedding light on, . . The Dark Side of Adoption} has accomplished what (it) set out to do in revealing some little known, and often hidden sides of the adoption experience . . . We need adoption reform. We need to face this huge social issue. We need to be thought provoking even though it can be a painful process. Thank you for having the courage to spell it out in your clear-cut approach to the problems."
Carol F. Gustavson, Founder and President, Adoptive Parents for Open Records, Inc. (APFOR)

"shedding light on . . . The Dark Side of Adoption by Marsha Riben is a book long overdue. I commend the author for her stance and courage. .. If we as the adoption community are to humanize adoption and place it in its proper perspective we must unite in shedding light on... The Dark Side of Adoption.”
Emma May Vilardi, Founder and Director of International Soundex Reunion Registry.

"Is there really a 'dark side' to adoption? Marsha Riben's book very powerfully reveals the atrocities done in the name of adoption. Shedding light on . . .the Dark Side of Adoption will shock you, but when you’re through reading; you'll know you've. been given an honest account of the other side of adoption! A must for those working in the adoption field." ...” "A wonderful job of compiling the facts... a great resource tool...a MUST for those working in the adoption field."
Sandra Musser, Musser Foundation Director, Adoption Triangle Ministry and ALARM. Author of I Would Have Searched Forever and What Kind of Love is This?

"Inspiring...powerful...This book is a must."
Joe Soll, Council on Equal Rights in Adoption (CERA)

"Impressive piece of work -- reflects serious language and a format that is easy to read, enticing and interesting; informative and stunningly realistic."
Rachel Rivers, OASIS

"This book should be required reading for anyone who wishes to know the whole truth about adoption. The research is well-done, and the facts are presented in a clear yet passionate journalistic style that illuminates the complex and controversial issues of adoption abuses it explores. Adoption does have a dark side--that for too long has been hidden behind sentimentality, lies, mindless stereotypes, and the travesty of sealed adoption records. I love this book--for the courage of its birthmother author in writing it, and for the honest picture it gives of the less lovely side of one of our last "sacred cows", sealed record adoption. This is an excellent piece of scholarship and investigative journalism that deserves a much wider readership than it has had, both within and outside of the adoption reform movement. I am glad to see it here, and recommend it to all."
MaryAnne Cohen,



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