Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Jayni Anderson Update

Update of preceding post:

I have spoken with Jayni. She is a very bright articulate woman.

Jayni was adopted herself and has been active in adoption reform. She was instrumental in getting a registry in Utah (which she is keenly aware is a baby step) in order to complete her search. She discovered she is on-half Sioux.

She surrendered her three children believing adoption was a wonderful thing. She never would have relinquished her two boys had she known then the truth about her daughter. Her concerns for them are now unimaginable.

When Jayni went to the newspaper in Salt lake (owned by LDS) they called LDS Family Services to verify the facts. LDSFS told the newspaper that it was all a lie, that Jaynie had not surrendered any children through them, believing she would have no documentation to prove that she did. Jayne was able to provide a witness who hasd been with her when the social worker told her that her daughter had died and the paper ran the story!

Jayni is very brave, and very pro-active. With the support of OriginsUSA, will be fighting to investigate the circumstances of her daughter's death, to sue the agency, and get the laws changed.

We support her efforts 100 percent.

How can adoption be “sold” as a loving choice when mothers are treated like inhumane, uncaring... not worthy of any common, civil decency to mourn their own child?

There is no excuse:

the law should require all parties to inform the
agency/state/lawyer where one is every 2 yrs.

America keeps better records on DMV and your auto license plate! You have to update your drivers' license in oder to drive a car. Is it too much to require adoptive and birth fmailies to update their contact information?

The answer is, of course it would be simple. But it is not in the best intersts of those who weant adoption kept secretive and apretsne of being the same "as if" the child is thirs - bought by them or born to them. And, it is not in the bets interst of those whose livlihoods flourish better under the cloak secrecy....all the modern day Georgia Tann's...


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