Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Putative Father Registries and Utah Exposed as Anti-Family

Bravo to the Salt Lake City Weekly for printing this expose of the truth...a truly amazing feat in a religiously run state.

Some Call It Kidnapping: How Utah adoption laws take babies from the nation's unmarried  fathers.

The expose by Jesse Fruhwirth focuses on father's whose rights have been totally violated by Utah laws, despite fathers' constitutional right to parent.

Utah has the strictest PFR in the nation. The father must file a court petition must state a plan for care of the child, that the father offered to pay pre-birth costs related to the pregnancy and that he is willing to pay child support. If he fails to mention either of those last two, it’s gone-baby-gone, even if he actually did pay pre-birth costs and is willing to pay child support. Simultaneously, fathers must also place their name on the Putative Father Registry in the Utah Office of Vital Records and Statistics. This must be done prior to a relinquishment being signed which in Utah can happen within 24 hours of the birth. (Ohio, on the other hand, gives fathers a minimum of 30 days after the birth.) Utah law states without exception, however, that fathers have only 24 hours after the birth of their child to file for paternity, 

Full article and video here

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