Saturday, October 10, 2015

The Demonization of Mothers

Women's Inhumanity to Women

Traditionally, it was social workers - the vast majority of whom are female - saw it as their job to encourage mothers to relinquish. They told mothers it was the loving thing to do. they did this because they JUDGED the expectant mother in need as a "slut" and unfit based on her age, marital status and financial situation. 

Most adoptions today pit women of means against women who are indigent or in crisis. Adopters have all the power because they have all the money. They have attorneys, the expectant mother may think she has an attorney but if it that lawyer is being paid for by the ap, that is conflict of interest and her interests are not being represented. addition to all of this, we have anonymous trolls attacking and demonizing mothers.

UPDATE: Pound Puppy Legacy removed the offensive posts on its site that attacked a mother.

When we started the Demons of Adoption Awards, 9 years ago, the goal was to shame those affiliated with the adoption industry, who don't put a child's best interest as a top priority. 
Over the years, we have maintained this rule. None of the Demon of Adoption Awards was ever granted to a private citizen who happened to be involved in adoption. 
So far, this year, many of the nominations we have received have included personal/vicious attacks made against adoptive parents or birth parents. In fact, so many have been added to this page, we have decided to clean up the nominations, and remove all posts that focus on individual private citizens, with vitriol. 
We want all readers and posters to remember, when making a nomination, PPL requests a short fact-based explanation as to why this candidate is so deserving of this award, without the use of personal attacks against individual birth/adoptive parents.

I am pleased that Pound Puppy Legacy refused to allow a witch hunt and public shaming of a mother to take place on their venue.

I have long admired PPL for its fierce attacks on the adoption industrial complex, baby brokers, coercive and corrupt adoption practices and practitioners as well as evil, abusive, murderous adopters! It is all of these who are generally the recipients of the PPL annual "Demons in Adoption" award.

This year, however, a mother who is battling for the return of her son has been nominated by one or more anonymous posters who accused her of "scamming." 

We in the adoption community should be helping and supporting one another and giving mothers the benefit of the doubt instead of acting CATTY women attacking a woman. Call Nancy Grace!

No is No

If adoption is a loving, selfless, brave CHOICE...a "plan" made by an expectant mother....than why are women forced to go through with adoption when they have decided not to??

You don't have to LIKE the mother nor do you have to agree with her lifestyle or every choice she made. Life is messy. Few of us are the PURE "faultless" virgins who got pregnant via rape or the very first time we had sex. Few of us are teenager forced into relinquishment by our parents. I do not fit that mold. I am NOT perfect or without flaws and imperfections in my messy life. And unless you are, you ought to think twice before casting stones. 

What else matters in regards to any mother - or father - fighting to reverse an adoption? Her morals? How many men she slept with? At what point in time she "changed her mind" about the adoption??

Think about date rape. Does the victim's previous sexual experience matter? Does the fact that she "got herself' into the situation matter; that fact that she kissed him or more?  No! What matters is that she said NO! 

Anything else is a character assassination and he who is without fault should partake in that. I don't throw stones at others' bad decisions because every mother who lost a child to adoption made bad decisions. I know I did! Are all mothers equal? No. Neither are are all saints. 

Who is the demon in this adoption???  Gentle Care.

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