Tuesday, July 3, 2007

CALL FOR ACTION: Help Masha Allen


You may recall the horrible case of Masha, adopted from Russia and placed in the home of pedophile, Matthew Mancuso - who never even has a room for her.

She suffered years of sexual abuse at his hands and was rescued in an FBI sting that tracked videos of her on the Internet.

Masha has bravely spoken out to help children tell someone of their abuse even as she continues to be abused because her pictures remain on the Internet.

But it doesn't end there. Now anther prevert and notorious child pornographer Peter Sotos is releasing a book called Show Adult.

According to Defeat Judge Cheryl Allen:

Sotos, who is the first person in the United States convicted of child pornography, advertises the book as "a violent new work which goes beyond pornography to investigate the very experience of pornography itself."
Show Adult is composed of two film-scripts, the first about editing and content, the second concerned with acting, direction, and instructions/vanity. Sotos, who considers Masha Allen "a child porn star," reportedly devotes a large portion of the book to her past, present and future exploitation.
Masha Allen is the only living victim of child pornography Sotos has written about. The author is silent about whether or not he obtained the legal rights to Masha Allen's story or the use of her name and likeness in advertising the book. Such unauthorized use is actionable under the New York Civil Rights law which permits an injunction on publication and monetary damages.
Also explored in his book according to Sotos' own description are: "murder victim Carlie Brucie and her prostitute mother Susan Schorpen, and the infant-raping babysitters Alan Webster and Tanya French."

Amazon and Barnes and Noble are accepting pre-orders for this book. You are urged to contact both sites and encourage them to boycott sales of this book.

Additionally, please contact Judge
Cheryl Allen, 305 Courthouse
436 Grant Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15219, Phone 412.350.0277

Since 2004, Judge Allen has sat in Criminal Court and is currently a Republican candidate for the Pennsylvania Superior Court. Judge Allen helped to create programs such as the Birth Parent Mentoring Program which helps young single mothers manage their children and families, avoiding involvement in the Juvenile Court system, but has also been hard on mothers custody.

Most relevant is that Judge Allen is Masha's adoptive grandmother via her second placement, and as such should be in the forefront of efforts to boycott sales of this book.

The connection is through a woman named Faith. Judge Allen, who had taken in foster children, learned of Faith in through her church. The 21-year-old woman had stopped eating, dropping to 70 pounds before getting treatment for anorexia at the Peniel Center in Johnstown. Her childhood had been destroyed by an alcoholic and physically abusive mother and a sexually predatory step-father, followed by four foster homes at least one of which was also abusive.

Some months after moving in with the Judge, the woman changed her name to Faith Allen and follow in the Judge's footsteps taking in foster children. Faith seemed to be recovering. "Still, Allen worried when Faith decided to get certified as a foster parent because so many abused children end up as abusers."

Yet she did go on to foster children and one was 11-year-old Masha, after her removal from Mancuso, who Faith renamed Mea and adopted. Mea is Masha Elizabeth Allen. Faith has appeared on Oprah and ABC News and everywhere with Masha/Mea and spoken about Judge Allen. Masha also appeared on WESH in Orlando.

Masha's Law to triple civil penalties for anyone who downloads child pornography off the Internet, raising it from $50,000 to $150,000 has been passed. The penalty for downloading child pornography is nowat least equal the penalty for illegally downloading a song from the Internet and allows victims to receive damages once they become adults even if their childhood images are still being downloaded. Masha aka Mea Allen helped this to happen...

MASHA needs our help to stop being abused!


Anonymous said...

I am curious as to how and why WESH in Orlando got interested in this sotry. If you could contact me, please do so at invrprts@mm.st.

Charles Hannasch

AdoptAuthor said...

Here's the missing link:


Anonymous said...

Christopher Witkowsky, a business writer with Agenda and the Dow Jones Newswires, recently wrote an explosive new story about Masha Allen which appears on Wikileaks.org:


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